Bustier/Bra Over T-Shirt
We’ve seen a lot of bustiers and even bras being worn over t-shirts. As with many of this summer’s other trends, this can be traced back – at least partially – to Bubbles Harajuku. Our guess is that it is an extension of the harness-over-clothing trend that’s been going strong in Tokyo (and worldwide) for a few years. It could also be influenced the Kinji/Cult Party girls who wear lingerie (usually negligees) as outerwear. We’ve even seen a few girls this summer wearing lace garters over jeans, taking the innerwear-as-outerwear same concept to another level.

Ripped/Cutout Jeans

Denim with the fronts of the legs shredded, ripped, or cutout was trendy this summer. We’ve even see a few girls taking this trend to the extreme with denim so shredded that one or both legs are missing. A few western blogs have claimed that ripped jeans were some kind of “neo gyaru” thing, but the street isn’t buying that hype. This is just as much a Harajuku trend as Shibuya, and we haven’t seen anything specifically linking it to gyaru (neo or otherwise).

Rock T-Shirts

Not sure if this is a trend or just a fashion staple, but we’ve seen countless black faded rock t-shirts on the streets of Harajuku this summer.
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Crop Tops

This is the second summer in a row where crop tops are everywhere on the streets of Tokyo. We aren’t sure if this will be seen as a “trend” in retrospect, or if this is just the beginning of the crop top becoming a standard summer coordinate for Japanese girls. Before 2013, it was extremely rare to see a belly button anywhere in Tokyo – other than at the beach or on the occasional tourist. All of that has changed in the last two years. Will it stay or will it go? Check back with us in 2015!